Thursday, December 08, 2005

Is 95-10 A Zero?

When I first heard about the 95-10 legislation, which sponsors claim will reduce abortions by 95% in ten years, I thought that finally some people with common sense are dealing with this issue. And while I still think this proposal is a better attempt to deal with the problem than anything I have heard before, a post over at Asymmetrical Information cuts the legislation down.

I can’t say for sure if her post is entirely accurate (nor do I know much about her political leanings since I am new to that blog), but it makes a lot of sense. And that is what scares me. If in fact education and greater access to birth control will not help the problem significantly, than what will? In order to deal with this in any realistic way, we need to understand how and why unplanned pregnancies are occurring. Is there a lack of access to birth control, or are people simply acting irresponsibly? Sometimes I wonder if the only way people will actually use birth control is if we mail it to their house every week – making sure no one ever runs out.