Thursday, December 01, 2005


It's obvious that Joe Lieberman is probably more hawkish than even a decent slice of Republicans. And while he's still with his party mostly on other issues, is considering going a crazy route with the Senator given the vast distance between him and others in his party.

"The war in Iraq has all the characteristics of Joe-momentum," said Tom Matzzie, Washington director of, a liberal, Democratic-leaning activist group, recalling a slogan the senator used unsuccessfully during his 2004 presidential campaign.

"Just like he didn't realize his presidential ambitions were in trouble," Matzzie said, "he doesn't understand the war in Iraq isn't going anywhere."


But Matzzie, whose organization claims more than 50,000 Connecticut members, said Wednesday that if his members ask, his group would back a Democratic challenger to Lieberman.

Matzzie was in New Haven last month, and found "the No. 1 question people asked me was, `What are we going to do about Joe Lieberman?'"

I've often remarked that NARAL is obviously the Left's equivalent of the Family Research Council. If MoveOn pulls a stunt like this they'll officially be the left's equivalent of the Club for Growth, only for a more stupid reason. The parallel is not based on the fact that MoveOn is interested in fiscal issues, of course, but more of the fact that the Club, more than anyone else, shows a great tendency to attack Republicans for the slightest deviation from its orthodoxy. There's nothing more idiotic to me than extremist branches of a party attacking their own members and trying to back primary challengers against them for this sort of single-issue disagreement bullshit.

If there's anything that is going to insure the GOP continues to control everything in 2006 and 2008, it is this sort of tomfoolery. Much like Grover Norquist's crusades in Virginia to remove all Republican legislators who voted to increase taxes, a move like this says one thing: We don't believe in an inclusive, big-tent party, and there's no room in our party for people who disagree with us. I think for one Joe will beat the ever-living shit out of any hack MoveOn might summon to fight him, but it's going to leave everyone scathed, especially MoveOn, and Democrats as a whole.