Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Murtha - Murtha's Biggest Critic

Murtha's moment of asking for a withdrawal was probably the most defining moment of the Iraq debate so far. He instantly became a celebrity on the left and fired the biggest salvo of the anti-war movement yet, all from a position of power. He was also a vet, so that seemed to somehow lend credibility to his assertion. At least, at the time. Since then he's proven completely not ready for primetime. Kaus has all the details on how he's a flip-flopper that makes John Kerry look consistent. At least Kerry contradicted himself over the course of months and years. Murtha apparently can't even last an hour. Here's Kaus' first example, when Murtha unwisely decided to discuss a possible iraqi civil war.

[T]here's a civil war going. We're caught in between a civil war right now. Our troops are the targets of the civil war. They're the only people that could have unified the various factions in Iraq. And they're unified against us. --ABC's This Week, 12/4/05

[W]hy should I believe what the CIA says about what's happening in Iraq, that there's going to be a civil war? First of all, al Qaeda was wrong. It was wrong on the nuclear stuff. It was wrong on everything they have said over there. So why should I believe that there's going to be a civil war? -- same show, a few moments later.

Hmmm. Now Murtha on what the Iraqis actually want.

[T]he military won a military victory. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. ...[snip] ... Now, it's got to be a political win. They have to win this politically. The Iraqis themselves. We'll stay there forever. The Iraqis are never going to say turn it over. We can't allow them to say when it's gonna turn it over.--This Week, 12/4/05

You're gonna see the Iraqis clamoring. Listen, anybody we support in Iraq loses the election. And so they're gonna be clamoring for us to get out. -- same show, a few moments later.

What? Making these kinds of contradictory assertions doesn't just suggest the man is confused, but moreover that he has no idea what's really going on in Iraq and is just plain making shit up. Again, you have to wonder why the Left picks such dubious spokes-people. If they can't keep their own story straight, which one are we supposed to listen to?