Friday, December 16, 2005

No Such Agency

In 2002 President Bush authorized the NSA to conduct domestic surveillance of US citizens and foreign nationals. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This administration has decided from the beginning that they are above all laws; in all cases, the ends justify the means. While I take the war on terrorism very seriously and understand the need to keep track of those with suspected ties to terrorist organizations, there are ways to accomplish this within the law.

This White House needs to be held accountable for its decisions - for its reckless disregard for fundamental laws of this country. The two most visible examples of this, torture / secret detention facilities and domestic surveillance unapproved by a judge, violate major principles of this country. We decided from the beginning that citizens of this country would have basic civil rights that includes a protection of privacy. Time and again the courts have overturned convictions due to unreasonable search and seizures or unapproved surveillance. We should not tolerate an administration that feels so free to violate basic rights that this country has tried to protect for generations.