Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Well Surprise, SURPRISE!

I noticed a curious thing after I signed up for the Do Not Call list. One firm, "Satellite Promotions", never stopped calling. All the other telemarketers slowly disappeared, but Satellite Promotions, still chugging along, left me about 1 or 2 (or maybe 5 or 6) voicemails per week. Then I figured they had some sort of way to get at me through the "previous business" exception. Looks like they were just plain violating the FCC rules.

DirecTV Inc. will pay $5.35 million to settle charges that its telemarketers called households listed on the national do-not-call registry to pitch satellite TV programming, Federal Trade Commission officials said Tuesday.

The proposed settlement, if approved by a federal judge in Los Angeles, would be the FTC’s largest civil penalty in a consumer protection case.

The DirecTV complaint, filed by the Department of Justice at the FTC’s request, named the company and five telemarketing firms it hired, as well as six principals of those firms.

Considering each violation is only $10K, and they're willing to settle at $5M, that must make a ton of violations.