Wednesday, January 11, 2006

He's Quite Wily, Like His Old Man

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about this story. A philosophy class that explores different ideas about our beginnings sounds interesting. Even though the class looks at creationism and intelligent design, it is an elective, so there seems to be no reason to object.

The problem some of the parents seem to be having is that it looks like this class, instead of being an objective philosophical look at these issues, is nothing more than an attempt to discredit evolution. The goal of the teacher who developed the curriculum appears to be one of indoctrination instead of education.

I have to say though, if parents want to use a cease and desist order to stop every class taught by a teacher meaning to indoctrinate their children with one idea or another, there would be very few classes available for students. After all, my economics teacher was very obvious in his attempt to show that supply-side economics was the best option for economic growth.

I think in this situation I will probably come down on the side of those crafty Intelligent Design folks. We cannot try to ban any mention of this “theory” in all aspects of public schools. Religion is a part of the world we live in; therefore, in the proper venue, it should be talked about. Although science class might not be the proper venue, philosophy classes and history classes are. And even though I bet this teacher, the wife of a local minister, will try to indoctrinate her students, it should be up to the school administration to prevent that (in this case and all others).

I am also holding out hope that some smarty-pants biology student takes the class and rips this teacher a new one every time she tries to teach the flaws of evolution.