Monday, January 23, 2006

Shhh... It's a Secret

Apparently the Bush administration, through USAID, is supporting the Palestinian Authority, and coincidentally Fatah, in upcoming parliamentary elections. Their goal is to oppose the radical terrorist / political group Hamas. Although I am not opposed to legal American involvement in foreign democratic elections, there are some things about this that bother me.

First of all, if word spreads in Palestine that the US is supporting Fatah, it could give a huge boost to Hamas. No Palestinian political group wants to be painted as a stooge of the American government.

Furthermore, with Hamas running on an anti-corruption platform, their election could help to reform the government. Right now, it seems that Hamas is more responsive to what the Palestinian people want in their goverment, as can be seen in their rising poll numbers.

Granted, I do understand the threat that Hamas could present to the peace process if they received a large share of the parliamentary seats. What we could have is a highly efficient Palestinian government that is violently anti-Israeli. But I still think it would be better for all sides if we kept our influence out of the elections.