Friday, January 20, 2006

Somewhere Out There

Can't help but chuckle at this bit by all-time anti-union Kaus:

I tempted fate by returning to the allegedly friendly Culver City branch of the state DMV, this time at 5:00, the end of the work day when the bureaucrats are frazzled. I was confronted at the information desk by a large, surly-seeeming woman who promptly ... smiled a large, beautiful smile and asked "How can I help you." Then she helped me. ... Scary! ... A few minutes later I was forced to take the bus from my mother's house to my mechanic's garage, in a relatively gritty section of Santa Monica. At rush hour. In L.A! The bus ... well, it arrived within seconds and the driver charged through traffic like a lancer. I got across town in 10 minutes. ... I'll snap out of it, but at the moment I only want to be assisted by unionized civil servants.

That's right, sometimes government employees can do a good job. Though, it's the exception more than the rule.