Friday, January 20, 2006

UCLA Disastre!

Peep this, yo. In the grand tradition of Concerned Alumni everywhere, the Bruin Alumni Association is undertaking an effort to ideologically purge the UCLA faculty of suspected "radicals." This Conservative group starts out on the website with the notion that they're really just after intellectual bullies, people who try to spend time in the classroom indoctrinating students with their beliefs specifically in an off-topic manner. While the project may sound harmless enough at first glance, we all know that the mission statement and the reality never meet. There's heavy evidence that what this group is really doing is attacking Profs whose work they don't agree with, not even necessarily "radical" work either, just not necessarily conservative. I would link to all the evidence and the great points of blogospheric opinion on the matter from both left and right, including that of the UCLA profs themselves, but The Debate Link already has. So take a look, it's a great piece.

First of all, I grow weary of these Conservative tirades about the "radicalness" of the Academy (or somesuch tripe). I guess that might be because when I was in undergrad there was a Government Professor who always wore black. Why did he always where black? Because it was during the Clinton administration and he was in "mourning". The day Clinton got impeached was the only day he didn't wear black because he was "hopeful." I also had an economics Professor who was skeptical about whether or not it is legitimate for the state to build roads, because the private sector could probably do it better. Maybe those are not the norm, but whatever, my point is I had so many really conservative professors that it's tough for me to see these screeching cases of bias.