Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Uri on Ariel (not the mermaid)

Remember how we were talking about Saint Ariel Sharon the other day? Well, not to drudge up old arguments or anything, but my girlfriend (obviously the brains of the outfit) sent me the above article by controversial Israeli reporter Uri Avnery about the life and motivations of the "Ill-sraeli" (like what I did there?) Prime Minister. He makes some compelling points about the "real" reasons behind the Gaza Strip pullout and how it could be seen as a clever ruse, not only to draw attnetion away from the West Bank, but to setup a militaristic stronghold effectively shutting down Palestinian unity. Princezz and I hinted at this stuff before in the volley of comments in the earlier post, but this guy adds to it a lot more. It's an interesting article, no matter where you stand on the Sharon beatification issue. Chiggity-check it out.