Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wait Until Next Year

At first I didn’t think this was a good idea. After all, why would it be any better to allow Sudan to head the African Union next year? I can’t imagine that anyone believes that the Sudanese government will end the conflict in Darfur by then. After thinking about it a little more though, I realized that the conflict might actually be over by then because the Janjaweed might have finished their job of killing, raping, and purging non-Muslim Africans from lands in western Sudan. So if the conflict is over, there should be no obstacles to Sudan taking over leadership.

Sarcasm might be hard to pick up when it is in writing, so I will tell you flat out that yes, I was being sarcastic. Africa will never make any progress as long as it continues to side-step major issues like this one. Sudan has no business heading the African Union this year, next year, or any year in the foreseeable future (even if the conflict ends naturally as I described above). Allowing them to do so will take away any small amounts of credibility the organization has. If the African Union wants sole responsibility for dealing with conflicts on the African continent, it has to show that it has the will to actually confront these major issues. Delaying the confrontation for another year, does not send this message.