Thursday, January 05, 2006

Want to Bite Into John Murtha? Here's Your Chance!

Take a look at this.

Congressman Jack Murtha turned the debate over Iraq on its head last month when this decorated Vietnam Vet and one of the most respected pro-military members of Congress issued his call for a redeployment of troops from Iraq. Come hear his reasons for that groundbreaking decision and participate in an open town hall meeting on January 5th in Arlington.

NRECA Location: Across the street from the Ballston Metro Station and Ballston Mall; Glebe Rd. Exit off Rte. 66.

Garage parking is available.

Agenda: 6:30-7:00PM Registration

7:00-9:00PM Remarks by Rep. Moran and Rep. Murtha, Q and A to follow.

Betting the hawks will be thin in this crowd given that it's in Arlington, but if you want to ask Murtha exactly what surrendering Iraq to Al-Qaeda will accomplish, here's your chance. It would be fun to light Murtha and Moran up like Christmas trees on this issue. I'm sure if you brought your recorders you'd catch all kinds of great gaffes.