Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting Nothing Useful

The Dubai Ports World controversy is growing by the day. President Bush has said he will veto any legislation to block the deal and assures us it is safe. On the other side, some Democratic and Republican Congressmen are looking for more time to review the deal while others are even proposing to prevent the operation of American ports by foreign-owned corporations altogether.

Right now, neither side is making me feel very good about the situation. The Bush administration assures us (unconvincingly) that this is safe while leaving no time for discussion; but critics’ complaints are extreme and bordering on xenophobic. The bottom line is that the administration needs to convince us that this will not create opportunities for terrorists. At the same time though, the critics should do a better job of articulating what really bothers them (and it needs to be more than the fact that the company is owned by Muslims).

UPDATE: Apparently President Bush had no idea about the potential sale until very recently. Although I am not surprised that Bush delegates so freely, it does concern me a little in situations like this.