Thursday, February 16, 2006

I almost forgot...

If you're looking for a serious post extolling the virtues of the moderate Republican party, please continue on down the page. However, if you're looking for asinine commentary that will have little-to-no effect on a kindergarten class, much less the world's political spectrum - WELL STOP RIGHT THERE AND SIT A SPELL, COWBOY!

In my endless pursuit of all things inflammatory, I stumbled upon this John Carrol article nestled in the supple bosom of a friend's blog. It's a hilarious "manifesto" from the Unitarian Jihad movement. Read it and be happy... or be offended and watch me give a shit. If you have a free moment and portion of your soul worth killing off, take a deeper, more penetrating look around his site.

A while ago, I wrote a post in The $tevil Empire (Shamelessly plug much? NEVER!) about all things globally annoying. I never threw my (admittedly unwanted) two cents into the conversation here on Restlessmania about the cartoon riots, Hamas or the SOTU, so here's where you can find those ironically nonsensical cents. Please pay special attention to the interesting Avnery article on Hamas and the funny Heuvel article, which decodes the State of the Union address.

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