Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Owning Up

I didn't watch the SOTU. Bad, bad blogger! My addiction to The Shield, a drug worse than heroine, prevented it as the SOTU ran late. On reading the transcript, I will say I partially agree with Chainz and Princezz. This speech was Clintonian. There was a lot of broad talk, maybe a few specific things, and none of them that daring. I think the time spent on GWOT/GSAVE and Iraq is more or less just buttressing, which maybe he needed to do to shore up public support. I would've liked to hear more about Iran. Even though there was some in there, Iran is definitely the biggest threat to the U.S., and for that matter Europe, Israel, and other parts of the Middle East. Of course, had he said more about it everyone would've jumped on him for trying to create another Iraq-like situation. That's the pain you suffer for being foresighted though, I suppose.

UPDATE: I felt bad not linking to anything, so I'll link to some stuff. Andrew Sullivan and an e-mail corresponder dissect the energy independence part of C-Plus Augustus' speech. Verdict: Sounds nice, but not so great when you get to understand it.

John Cole says BLAH.

Instabandit finds both the President and Kaine above expectations, but above VERY VERY LOW expectations.

Matt Yglesias reads more corporate welfare and wonders what we've done to the meaning of the word Isolationism.

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Take your pick!