Monday, February 06, 2006

Radical Muslim Reaction to Cartoons Broadcasts a Lack of True Faith

There I said it. Acting in a violent, agitative manner in response to blasphemous cartoons is a sign of weak and misplaced faith. If you truly believe your god is God, then you trust that he can take care of himself.

Just a thought to ponder and a word of advice to fringe loony Muslims who give the peaceful majority of adherents to the Islamic faith a bad name.

If your god is great and to be praised and is all powerful over all the earth, then why the hell do you insist on doing his job in exacting vengeance for slights against his honor? Why do you not instead pray for those who curse you and fear for the eternal fate of those who scorn you faith? Don't you see how being so violently defensive of your god is a sign of weak faith in his omnipotence and his ability to defend his own honor on the day of judgement?

You know, there are plenty of times when my Lord and Savior are mocked or lampooned in the media, yet I trust that God is a just and holy God and will reward each man and woman according his/her due in His time. But I pray and hope for repentance and redemption for those who hold Christ in derision. In short, I know that my God is just and holy and that no man consistently, stubbornly, unrepentantly mocks God without suffering in God's time the just penalty.

If your faith is solid and fixed on Allah, then put in his hands the judgment of your fellow man. Sure, if you feel as strongly as you do, you should protest and voice your outrage, and yes, you should start boycotts and angrily demand the firing of cartoonists who mock your faith if you wish. That's perfectly your right. But calling for violence against alleged blasphemers and/or calling for the curtailing of free speech to suit your religious sensitivies is beyond the pale in a modern, pluralistic society.