Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why I Hate NBC

Once every four years, hockey fans are blessed with the Olympics. International hockey rules allow for a much faster and more exciting game due to wider rinks and less clutching and grabbing than is found in the NHL. Olympic hockey also brings super-teams, thanks to a growing international diversity in the sport. Russia, the United States, and the powerhouse that is Canada can find plenty of competition from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, and Slovakia.

So my only question is why are there no hockey games on during prime time? I was so excited to have Olympic hockey that I was ready to block off these two weeks just for that. Instead, the games are only being aired between 5:00AM and 11:00 AM, which only allows for the unemployed to watch. Apparently, all the hype about the intense Olympic coverage NBC was going to provide was just that, hype. But of course, there has been no shortage of luge or speed skating coverage - probably because you only have to show certain competitors (Americans and athletes that will medal) which allows for the maximum number of events in the shortest time.

The most exciting hockey only comes around once every four years, and NBC decides it isn't worth showing - especially since the US lost without getting a medal. But then again, so did Canada.