Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Awaiting a Princely Response

I think it is about time that Catholic Democrats stand up and refuse to let the right dictate who is a true person of faith, and who is not. What I don't understand though is a statement at the end of the Washington Post article. Tom McClusky, from the Family Research Council, claims that abortion is the tenet of the Catholic Church.

First of all, I find this hard to be true. Secondly, if it is true, that the one thing the Catholic Church holds most sacred is the protection of life from the moment of conception until birth - more important than protecting life after birth, more important than the sacraments, and more important than charity and peace - than it is very obvious that the church has seriously diverted from the path of the scriptures.

Let me be clear, I can understand how abortion is an important part of someone's faith. But I cannot, in any way, see how or why it should be the tenet of that faith.