Friday, March 03, 2006

Brownie = Totally Exonerated?

The story about Katrina, FEMA, Bush, and Blanco gets more and more complex. It seems now Blanco hesitated when the levees breached, stating that those reports were "unconfirmed" during talks with FEMA. That could've really slowed things down. I've always thought Blanco deserved a big share of the blame on the Katrina response, and it's looking more to be correct. Between a hesitant, waffling Governor and a slow President, New Orleans was really boned. Then there's this bit about Brown again:

Brown, who was at the federal emergency operations center in Baton Rouge, La., was heard but not seen on the video. He implored officials to "push the envelope as far as you can," noting that he had already spoken to Bush twice that day and described the president as "very, very interested in this situation."

No doubt Brown probably lacked the emergency management experience and general acumen to pull off a decent response to it, but more and more he did seem relatively on top of the situation and very alarmed at what was going on. He had the right instincts, he just didn't seem to have the support from DHS and from the State of Louisiana or specific knowledge to do something about it.