Monday, March 13, 2006

Conservative Dissatisfaction

Professor Bainbridge links and comments on a series of LA Times op-eds by conservatives, all of which are dissatisfied with Bush. And, not surprisingly, each one has their own different set of reasons why. Bainbridge recommends you check it out, and I do too, and Bainbridge puts his own spin on whether these columnists are off-base are not and where he agrees with them. Bainbridge is a pretty much died-in-the-wool free-market, Reagan-style conservative, so his judgment on those issues is on-point.

I think there's enough of it when the Insta dropped this, discussing a Neal Boortz rant:

He then lists a lot of other problems, unrelated to the war, and concludes: "Suffice it to say that George Bush needs to talk about much more than the global war on terror to float my boat."

Yeah, if the Democrats stopped harping on the war, they'd do a lot better. Their continual war-baiting merely serves to remind a lot of people who are unhappy with Bush of why they don't like the Democrats either. Bush's best hope is that the Democrats won't be smart enough to figure that out.

My point exactly, and also the point of so many like Bainbridge. The field of dissatisfaction is ripe, but no one on the left seems intent on harvesting it unless it has something to do with Iraq.