Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I might completely disagree with the current administration but it is news items like the protests in France that make it pretty obvious that my views are much better represented here than in Europe.

French youth are protesting a new law that would allow businesses to fire young employees without cause. The worst part isn’t the protests themselves, but what the crazy youth are saying to reporters. Comment after comment are either associating the new law to enslaving the youth of the country, or more benign comments that suggest they will be exploited. Since when is fair pay for your labor, with the ability to quit if you are unsatisfied, or the ability of a boss to fire you with ease for poor performance (or frankly whatever reason he or she wants) in any way similar to slavery or even worker exploitation? It really is too bad that they are too shortsighted to see that this will could decrease unemployment thereby giving more jobs to the youth in France.