Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ending on a Q

'Tis the end of another crazy week with a million distressing things happening in this crazy world, so let me pose some questions to usher us into the weekend... Questions I can't get out of my mind, yet feel to exhausted to blog about:

1) If the miners in the Sago disaster were illegal immigrants, would the US public still have been as outraged with the mine owner's failure to follow safety standards? Or, would the growing xenophobia and political spin over the "evils of illegal immigration" have overshadowed the true human tragedy of the event?

2) If the US government passed new labor laws akin to those in France that make it easier for employers to fire younger workers (under 26?), would the American youth have taken to the streets in protest? Or, would our form of protest have been to not show up at the polling places in November 2008? Fight the man, man.

3) If the White House's "test our sewage for cocaine" program spills over from Fairfax County into the District, will White House waste be included in the testing? Or will Number One's number one be exempt due to "homeland security reasons'?