Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Felonius Monk's Crystal Balls

From the man who smiled during his mug shot, Tom DeLay is not even going to spend the night of his primary in his district. Denial isn't a river in Egypt, Tom. This man has a problem and he's definitely not going to admit it. But where is he going to be?

DeLay will be in Washington on primary day. He will spend the evening at a fundraiser hosted by husband and wife Bill Paxon and Susan Molinari, who served together in Congress before becoming lobbyists.

Lampson's campaign manager issued a statement Friday rebuking DeLay's primary night plans.

"Rather than living it up with Washington lobbyists," said Lampson campaign manager Mike Malaise, "DeLay should be here trying to explain his legacy of debt, corruption and neglect to Texans."

Wow. Considering that DeLay could be forced into a run-off if he doesn't shatter the opposition (and thus give a chance for his multiple Republican Primary Challengers to unite and pool support against him, a possible threat) this is some pretty audacious stuff. I think Wonkette has the right take:

Look at that, he doesn't even care. “Oh, a referendum on my character, huh? I think I'll spend it in Washington receiving money from lobbyists.” It's like showing up to your court-mandated treatment center with a flask. Brilliant.

Felonius Monk, you definitely have balls of crystal. And if this doesn't stop you, I'm starting to have my doubts that anything will.