Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For Reals

After barely two weeks in the race, James Webb is already on a marauding spree in the VA Senate race. As noted on his campaign site, he pulled off something pretty interesting this Friday. I, of course, can't link to any other stories because major papers aren't following this much. At the Fairfax County Democratic Committee's St. Patrick's Day Straw Poll, he devastated his opponent Harris Miller 58%-42%. At this point, Webb had only been in the race 10 days, which was the beginning of his political career.

This is the same Jim Webb, as I mentioned, who was Reagan's Secretary of the Navy. So not only does he switch parties, but he basically crushed the inside party man in his own backyard after only being an official candidate for 10 days. That's pretty impressive. From my own party contacts, I have to admit there's palpable excitement about Webb too. When just Harris Miller was running, most had already written off the race to Allen. Now he's going to get a run for his money. Webb intends on making a big deal out of Allen's voting record on Veterans Benefits, which is a hit or miss plan, and also to run as a social moderate. Which is necessary if he wants to contrast himself to Allen, who is Mr. Over 90 Percent in his Christian Coalition rating. All I mean to say is, Webb, despite being a political neophyte, has already gained a lot of steam. He's been on the Colbert Report, and lived to tell the story. And as my email inbox can attest to, there's a viral grassroots organization springing up virtually overnight. I think Webb is easily going to crush Miller, and I also think he's going to give Allen a tough time in this year's race. Enough so that, fingers crossed, he'll be too bogged down and politically weakened to run for President.