Friday, March 31, 2006

Good for a Guffaw or Two

I still can't believe this.

Now Shooting: Hot Wonks in Love & Crisis

A week after film crews rolled through town to shoot a TV pilot about young hottie D.C. lawyers ("Capitol Law"), yet another crew has arrived to shoot a pilot about . . . young hottie D.C. bureaucrats.

"Twenty Questions," being filmed for ABC, is the story of a State Department staffer who discovers a conspiracy against the United States. He's played by Jesse Bradford , star of teentastic flicks "Swimfan" and "Bring It On." Our colleague Korin Miller stalked him to shoots in Kalorama and on the Mall, reporting that he cut a handsome figure in a tailored suit but -- brace yourself! -- is shorter in person. "Twenty Questions" also features pretty young things Ben Shenkman , China Shavers and William Lee Scott .

Have they taken a LOOK at the Federal Workforce? First of all, the idea that anyone under the age of 40 would have any say in anything in the federal government, especially the State Department, is ridiculous. If they were a political appointee, SURE! But that's not the point here. And second, federal workers are goddamn ugly. Sure there are maybe five hotties in the building I work in, but that's out of about 5000 people. Not a good ratio. And lastly, BUREAUCRATS? A lot of the show will probably spent watching them fill out Biweekly Reports and Travel Vouchers.