Friday, March 24, 2006

I Dig the New Kid Who Hates DC

Rusty is his name, and he is the new hater on the block. Not "new" per se, as James handed the blog over to him a couple of months ago. . .but I think it takes about that long for a blogger to prove themselves when they've inherited a property like Why.I.Hate.DC. James was a classic, a foul-mouthed unhinged naysayer the spouted bile about DC the way Tom Cruise does about that "dangerous street drug" Ritalin. James was sometimes off-base, but he was never unfunny, and the way he lampooned Anthony Williams, renaming him "the bowtie" was a snarky but powerful commentary on local politics and the dysfunctions thereof. But James is gone, left from the City he hated so much, and he actually accepted applications for his successor. Rusty took over, and since then the blog has a new tone.

Make no mistake, Rusty hates DC. Rusty doesn't use as much profanity as James, and he's not as angry. His hating comes in a different flavor. Whereas James was more of a Rocky Road, Rusty is more of a Mint Chocolate Chip. About Rusty, though? You can read the link and ascertain a lot. Rusty has a history here. He's lived in DC (which James hadn't), and also lived outside, so he has both the perspective of a suburbanite (however brief) and a resident District-dweller. He also did his mandatory time as a Hill Staffer, another thing James lacked, and a whole separate source of rage. So Rusty has a depth and breadth of experience of DC James lacked, and is more able to rant about a wider variety of subjects. Which brings me to the chief advantage of the new Hater: MORE FREQUENT POSTING. James would take a month off. Rusty hardly takes a day off, or a week. Rusty also put one of the boldest posts out there, arguing the near suburbs are a Natural Extension of DC proper. That I have to agree with.

And to all you moaning district kids, research the shit. Arlington and part of Alexandria DID USE TO BE PART OF DC. And Bethesda, for god's sake, is like RIGHT THERE. I understand lampooning people out in Fairfax, because they suck. Or in Rockville, because they suck even worse. But I digress. Point is, if you drifted away from WhyIHateDC because for the last sick months James hardly posted anything, go back and take a look. It's got a new lease on life.