Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Hate Public Opinion

I don't know which is more disheartening, that the American people are strongly opposed to the Dubai Ports deal, or that no one in a leadership or policy agenda-setting role are defending the deal. From what most objective analysts are saying about the deal, the sale will not create any security problems because the Coast Guard will still be in charge of security. The administration is doing a terrible job demonstrating this (falling back on the "trust us" line that worked well in Iraq). The MSM also seems to be doing a poor job of seriously educating the public.

Worst of all though, Congress is getting behind (or encouraging) the public's misplaced fears and trying to oppose this thing. For domestic politics, it makes sense; the Democrats smell blood and Republicans are afraid to be on the wrong side of public opinion with mid-term elections approaching. This will likely ruin our global image though, especially so in the Middle East. And here I was thinking that only the President was bent on turning the world against us.