Friday, March 10, 2006

Jack Abramoff: Underground Street Racer

I wish! But with this story it doesn't seem like it's far off the mark. Witness his BMW. . .with $48,000.00 of mods.

The 745Li sedan was customized by Ai Design of Tuckahoe, N.Y., as a sort of mobile office for Mr. Abramoff, who at one time had a driver for it so he could accommodate a heavy workload. Invoices offer a look inside the tinted windows, a $450 addition that was the cheapest part of the job.

Mr. Abramoff spent $19,995 for a "custom-built, 15.2-inch-wide screen and manual flip-down video monitor," an invoice says.

"Monitor includes built-in cordless headphone transmitters" it says, adding, "Monitor is capable of displaying DVD, Game and Computer graphics/video signals."

For $7,390, he added a hands-free cellphone system, with a special antenna amplifier to boost the signal, and a docking station for his laptop built into the back of the right front seat. The system was configured to use the overhead screen and could take commands from a wireless keyboard.

Mr. Abramoff also paid $6,495 for seat-back tables.

"These handmade tables are duplicate versions of vintage Rolls-Royce designs," the invoice says. "Perfect for children or mobile office applications."

While DVD players are now common in cars, Mr. Abramoff's was set into a custom-made console trimmed in wood veneer and leather. The price for player and console, installed, was $4,495.

To evade police speed traps, the car was equipped with a radar detector designed to perform over hills, around corners and across distances of several miles. The unit was "mounted and etched into rearview mirror" and was augmented by a pair of "laser diffusers" in front and back to avoid detection further.