Monday, March 13, 2006

Krugman is Sneaky

I can't believe that Paul Krugman is stupid, so I have to assume that he is trying to be sneaky ($). In his latest column, Krugman tries to paint John McCain as a far-right conservative. Granted, McCain is never as independent as liberals would hope, but he is no Bill Frist either. Krugman points to (after looking at the site, I get the feeling Krugman cherry-picked it) to prove how far to the right McCain is. We get a very different picture though when we look at other groups' scorings. The site gives McCain one of the highest rankings for all Republicans, with only five beating him out. His score for 2002 shows he voted with PIRG 35% of the time. McCain is also one of the top scoring Republicans with the ACLU, voting with them 22% of the time in the 108th Congress and championing the anti-torture legislation in this Congress. (As a pro-life Republican, McCain obviously scores lower with NARAL.)

Many liberals are hoping that the Republican base can be fooled long enough for McCain to win the primary. Krugman knows that any attacks from a far-left columnist will give him a surefire boost. Since as of right now I am planning to support McCain for President in 2008, maybe I shouldn't be revealing Krugman's hidden plot. But then again, McCain is doing a pretty good job on his own of courting the strong conservatives as he praises the President at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and toes the party line with recent tax cut votes.