Thursday, March 09, 2006

More On Roe

William Saletan has been writing a flood of posts at Slate about abortion recently. His posts are mostly from a centrist standpoint and take the view that the left can still defend choice while admitting that there is something bad about it. Here is an excerpt from his most recent post:

Friday morning, leaders of pro-choice and feminist groups gathered at the Center for American Progress to debate the movement's future. One of the panelists reported that the latest annual tally of abortions in this country was 1.295 million. The most recent comparative numbers, detailed in an article I brought to the meeting, indicated that our abortion rate exceeds that of every Western European nation. "Raise your hand if you think that number is too high," the conference moderator told the 50 people in the room.

I saw one hand go up. The woman next to me said she saw another. The two hand-raisers used to work for pro-choice groups but no longer do.

Here is the hurdle that the pro-choice movement faces. While the public largely agrees that abortion should be legal, they also have a moral problem with it. Unfortunately it seems that the biggest defenders of abortion don't want to give ground and accept that there is something wrong with it. This position prevents them from defending recent legislation that hopes to decrease the need for abortions. If they could take this small step, they would probably find most of the public behind them.