Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The MSM Retooling

For all the overheated tripe put out by conservative media critics and bloggers, I do have to say their arguments have forced some interesting reforms and media experiments. Two of the most prominent just surfaced in the last few days. There's the Guardian's new and smart Comment Is Free, where coincidentally we've seen supposed "right-wing" Insta-Reynolds arguing for the International Right to Bear Arms. Considering that's on the website of a newspaper of a leftish British magazine I would challenge any media critic to call Comment Is Free biased. Also, El Wapo has just launched a blog called Red America from Ben Domenech of Redstate. And in the opening column all he portrays the editors as completely out of touch with America. Though I draw the line at trying to say Red Dawn is a good movie. No matter how much you want to make it relevant, Ben, it's not. If you want a good movie about gun-rights, just look at any zombie flick. But, I digress. I think these are both signs that the MSM is really trying it's hardest, though in a slow and lurching way, to let other voices in. And that's better for us all than having the debate on the margins. It also, like El Wapo's integration of Technorati, helps establish blogging as a more serious blend of freeform journalism.