Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No More Moderates

It is nonsense like this that makes Democrats unelectable outside of New England and the Northeast. Ned Lamont, a business owner in Connecticut, is running in the Senate primary against Joe Lieberman. Although I wholeheartedly support challenging incumbents, in this case it is being done because of the ridiculous mentality of far left. According to them, you are only a Democrat if you support all of the far left policy proposals – moderates are not allowed. Without moderates though, we will continue to be a minority party and have little control over government policies.

What really drives me crazy though is that most of the opposition to Lieberman in the party is over his stance on the Iraq War. It would seem that the only way to make hard core Democrats happy is if you continue to champion the party line that we were duped into going to war (without offering any advice on how to improve the situation short of a complete and immediate withdrawal). Democrats are wrong on their stance on the war, and wrong in their opposition to one of our best Senators.