Friday, March 03, 2006

Religion: Still a Pain in the World's Ass

Check it out, another Uri Avnery article!! I can almost hear every other poster on Restlessmania groaning right now.


This one's entitled, "A War of Religions? God Forbid!" and it's about the progression of the Israeli/Palestinian struggle. Specifically, he discusses how it started as a politically-centered issue, how it is shifting into one motivated by religion and how that change is going to complicate matters exponentially. Even the faithful have to agree that throwing a big, stinking pile of something as loaded as religious fundamentalism onto an already heated conflict only hurts matters. Yes? No? Mabe-so?

Anyway, he finally speaks about the roles of Sharon and Arafat, and how they fit into this whole beautiful picture. This thing's chock-full of Arab/Israeli historical goodness. As is the norm with Avnery, he presents an interesting (read: controversial) outlook on this situation and, whether you agree with the dude or not, it's always an interesting read.