Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I try not to pick at the press over what appears to be semantics, but in this case I can't hold back. The MSM has been choosing to frame current violence in Iraq as sectarian violence even though much of it is still insurgents attacking Americans, Iraqi security forces and civilians. While technically you might be able to call that sectarian violence, I feel that the media knows it is still part of the insurgency, but wants to give it extra meaning by hyping it as the beginnings of civil war. I recognize there is still the possibility of civil war, but this certainly isn't it. The country dodged a major bullet after the bombing of a Shiite mosque a couple weeks ago, and now the insurgents are back doing what they do best.

When the current violence continues to be insurgents against anyone aligned with the new government, it should be painted as such. Using the term sectarian violence is deceitful and should be reserved for violence between two groups outside of the government.