Monday, March 06, 2006

A Tear

Tim F. is on a tear:

Listening to Matt Drudge last night I picked up the predictable-as-the-sun-going-down rightwing spin on the Iraq war: basically, if we fail in Iraq then a lot of people will blame the media that made it happen. He’s absolutely right, as long as by ‘a lot of people’ you mean Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity and every other professional bullshit artist who wouldn’t accept responsibility if it was tattooed on Scarlett Johansson’s ass.

When you attribute mystical powers of coercion to “the media” any number of things begin to make sense. Obviously these fifth-columnist fifth-estaters from the fifth dimension forced Bush to put incompetent hacks in charge of every aspect of postwar reconstruction, employing mind-control rays to force Bush and Rumsfeld to forego even the most minimal plannning for a rocky occupation (caveat: the rays apparently don’t penetrate the State Department, but that’s okay from The Media’s perspective because they can just force Bush to use reports from Foggy Bottom as trivets and table-leg equalizers).

Eloquent, vicious, true. It's one thing to proclaim media bias, but that is a half-assed defense. The media may be selective in what it reports, but when so much ammo exists (and the C-Plus Augustus has never been less than a fountain of it) it's going to take more than media bias to defend you against so many unpleasant truths. Without submitting to a Rob Corddry style "it's the facts themselves that are biased" and going from hack to surreal laughing stock you pretty much can't convince people. But again, it's what will happen. It's the media's fault that this war and everything after was executed so ham-handed and tin-eared. It's the media's fault that we never got another approach besides "trust me." It's the media's fault we were sold rosy scenarios about how post-War Iraq would turn out. And you know the WMDs? The media. And of course, when Iran gets nuclear weapons, it's definitely because of the media. You have to love one-trick ponies like this.