Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Revolver

Gateway Pundit finds a buried story about Danish Imams threatening to BLOW UP a Moderate Muslim politician (and whatever ministry he may be involved with) just for participating in government! How constructive.

Cold Fury wants more pressure put on Afghanistan's government for putting a Christian to death for, well, being Christian. I thought we toppled the Taliban? Apparently not. The case is made that the alternate, letting the Afghanis backslide on this, is much worse than any flack we'd take.

Virginia Centrist pities Social Conservatives. Pities them . . . hard.

Planet Moron gives Abe Lincoln and MLK, Jr. the Chertoff treatment.

Peak Talk discovers cops sending undercover detectives into bars to arrest people for drinking. Where would that happen? Texas, of course.

Dan Drezner dredges up the latest Free Trade news, this time about Korea and Malaysia!