Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday Revolver

Six Nefarious Villains for your blog-reading pleasure.

Ezra Klein is after HSAs, specifically Huckabee's "skin in the game" rationale for them.

The Carpetbagger Report digs into an Insight magazine article on Bush's management style. Turns out he does a lot of delegating, almost dangerously so. Who'd a thunk it?

Legal Fiction contemplates the Andrew Sullivan-Paul Krugman War and takes a long look at Bill Kristol's "qualifications."

Gateway Pundit covers Rice's trip to Indonesia, with lots of pictures and the implications of Sesame Street.

Ambivablog remembers a slain Iraqi journalist.

My Pet Jawa's Rusty Shackleford writes in support of McCain, and the comments go to war!