Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Revolver

Pandagon scopes out and researches the shit out of how the faith-based initiative is looking a lot like that dreaded of all dreads: PORK!

Right Wing Nut House tries to get level-headed and realistic about Iraq. Not surprisingly, Right Wing Nut House basically thinks everyone of all political persuasions is wrong. You've got to love cynicism!

Hullabaloo digs into new Wapo blogger of Red America, Ben Domenech and finds some unpleasant connections. I think in the Republican Party it's all Six Degrees of Jack Abramoff. Except instead of six it's more like two.

Alas, a Blog asks the question that pro-choicers/anti-life need to start asking: is the pro-life/anti-choice movement really about saving babies, or more about punishing promiscuity? There's even a chart!

Somehow I missed this, but even the Jawa Report has turned on Rumsfeld now.

Sadly, No has created the Cobb Awards, which is basically a full-on mocking of all blogger awards a la the Razzies. And yes, they are named after that class act Ty Cobb.