Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why The Dems Will Fail in 2006

Jacob Weisberg highlights the Three Stooges: Dean, Pelosi, and Reid, and says what we're all thinking.

Since assuming their positions, the three of them have shown themselves to be somewhere between useless and disastrous as party leaders. Individually, they lack substance and policy smarts (Pelosi); coherence and force (Reid); and steadiness and mainstream appeal (Dean). Collectively, they convey an image of liberal elitism, disarray, and crabbiness.


Thus far, Pelosi, Reid, and Dean have been literally unable to develop such a national message for the party's congressional candidates. Not just a good message—any message. Their "legislative manifesto," originally promised for November, has been delayed more often than a flight on Jet Blue. When it eventually arrives, expect something benign and insipid. In 1994, Gingrich had the Contract With America. In 2006, Democrats will have another glass of merlot.

Bingo. At least if they bungle up 2006 we can hopefully look forward to the three of them getting the axe as party leaders, though to the GOP they're the gifts that keep on giving.