Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Admit You Have a Problem

The New York Times has a very critical article about the rebuilding of a small section of a major oil pipeline in Iraq. In the article, it shows how poorly a Halliburton subsidiary blew through rebuilding money, ignoring warnings that the project could not be completed as planned. Stories like this bother me so much because if Iraq was done right, it could have been an amazing example of democracy for the rest of the Middle East.

It seems like the more we read about Iraq, the more it becomes apparent that the Bush administration was uniquely ill-suited for what they would face. The administration didn’t plan at all for how to react if we weren’t welcomed as liberators, and then continued to tell the public to stay the course when a change of course was needed. What is worse is that there is so much to be learned from our experience in Iraq, if only the administration would admit that some of this might actually be their fault. I wonder if a 30% approval rating is enough to humble the President and get him to start listening.