Monday, April 24, 2006

Exporting Darfur Some More

The tragedy of Darfur may continue, but in large part it's over because they ran everyone out of the country or killed almost everyone there. Now comes Sudan and its proxy militias next stage, moving the massacres and the fight against the survivors to neighboring Chad. All signs point to Sudan's hand in wanting a friendly and controlled fellow-mass-murderer regime in charge of Chad, and they're backing and sponsoring groups to bring that about. More evidence that Sudan has to be stopped. If the War on Terror was even somehow successful and defeated Al Qaeda and its affiliates, things like this situation in Sudan of arming all sorts of Islamist groups to ethnically cleanse the African countryside is only going to incubate the next one.

Insta has more commentary and especially on the Osama Bin Laden reaction and connection to this, as believe it or not he thinks that any intervention in the Darfur situation would be an attack on Muslims. But you can always count on Bin Laden to tell you which side is evil. This thing has had Islamist roots from the beginning. It was always about fundamentalist militias wiping out the predominantly non-Muslim population of Darfur. Sanctions are coming up for a vote, but that's unlikely to stop Sudan's new multi-national killing spree. The regime there is as bad as they get, and as far as sheer amount of blood on its hands may be worse than the Taliban. But will we do anything about it? Sadly, probably not with an overextended military in Iraq and too many other madmen with their fingers on triggers.