Monday, April 03, 2006


Does anyone remember that move in the old Mortal Kombat video game where Johnny Cage did the splits and punched people right in the crotch? (Which was always part of the speculation about the character being gay) Well, this is reminding me of that.

In remarks Sunday on the NBC News program "Meet the Press," Gen. Anthony C. Zinni, who once led the United States Central Command and retired from the Marines in 2000, said Mr. Rumsfeld, among others, should be held accountable for tactical mistakes in Iraq.

When asked who should resign, General Zinni said, "Secretary of Defense, to begin with," adding that resignations should also come from others responsible for planning the war efforts and from military officials who sat by without pointing out potential problems.

Video of the remarks for anyone interested. It's a brutal takedown. He basically said it was the Pentagon's appointees that tossed all of the previous analysis and planning out because it didn't fit their model of what the war was to be. More evidence of Rumsfeld's fantasy of faster wars with less people being forced onto reality, and reality bucking it straight into the mud.