Friday, April 28, 2006

George Clooney: Not an Ass (For Now)

Hollywood actors, when it comes to politics, seem to have an innate ability to make huge asses out of themselves. George Clooney has usually been no exception to this rule, but I think his attempts to bring attention to Darfur have actually been fairly well-done and a good example of what celebrities who want to really actually make a difference and use their fame for good as opposed to idiocy can do. That he did an event at the National Press Club with super-conservative Brownback and liberal-incarnate Obama, and kept a non-partisan tone was almost Bonoesque, who is another great example of how a celebrity can engage both sides, keep their dignity, and generally get shit done. Perhaps Clooney has learned his lessons about standing on the soapbox, and that political commentary needs to be just as choreographed and thought-out as statements about how you're never going to get married, ever. He's come along way just from his Oscar speech a couple of months ago, and the infamous "I Did Not Blog" Clooneygate fiasco. Accepting the reality that there is a Republican part of the country and a Democratic part of the country to speak to, and that if you really want something done you need to speak to both halves in a respectful manner, is a big step.

That, and it's generally a good thing to help bring something back into the news that has had a lot of trouble getting the attention it deserves. I don't think it's a coincidence that ER has had a recurring Darfur-based subplot this season either.