Monday, April 03, 2006

I Wanted To Believe

It wasn't too long ago when I was telling everyone that I was going to volunteer for McCain in the primaries. I loved his independence and character even though I certainly didn't agree with all of his positions. I saw him as one of the few Senators who had a real clue as to what was going in - especially in the war on terrorism.

But lately, McCain has been moving so far the right that I seriously doubt his independence. I liked him as much as I did because he was willing to say things that were unpopular. He had no problem saying we need more troops in Iraq, and he used to have no problem criticizing Jerry Falwell.

But things have changed. I didn't want to believe it at first, but I can't ignore it now. In his quest for the Presidency, McCain is standing steadfastly behind Bush, and cozying up to Falwell($) and the religious right (he will be giving the commencement speech at Liberty University - founded by Falwell). While I understand that Christians as a group should be an important part of the Republican Party (and the Democratic Party if we could reach them), there are those on the Christian Right that should not be supported, specifically anyone who claims that 9/11 was brought on because of homosexuality and feminism.

Senator McCain is playing smart politics. He understands that he might not be able to win the Republican nomination as a moderate, so like every other candidate, he will move to the right for the nomination, and then move back to the middle during the general election. But when it was his resolve not to play politics that made him so popular, his decision to take that route will cost him some devoted followers.