Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sad, Sad Democrats

I finally reviewed the Democrat's Real Security plan. While I wasn't expecting much, I held out some hope that there would be something of value in it. It turns out though that it is pretty much useless. It demonstrates the common wisdom of our party. We are weak on defense because we lack the understanding and vision to form realistic and original policy.

The proposal focuses on things like building a 21st Century Military, a statement that is vague enough to sound tough while offering little difference betweeen the Bush administration's policy. They also advocate for finding Bin Laden, a proposal that probably sounded like it would come off as a slap in the face to the Bush administration, but again shows they lack clear understanding of reality.

Their stance on Iraq is more geared to appeal to voters than it is to enable stability. It is absurd to think that all the Iraqis need is a little prodding from us to form a consensus government and then everything else will fall into place.
Few of these ideas are different from what the current administration is doing, and those that are will have no significant impact. Democrats need to stop polling and actually think about what needs to be done. Maybe the party needs to invest some money to create (or improve if the already exist) some liberal think tanks devoted to national security. Without them we cannot hope to compete with Republicans.