Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shots Fired

Daily Pundit had something wild to say regarding the incredible story from Porkbusters of Harry Reid actually fighting the Railroad to Nowhere while Bill Frist defended it. As the vote was defeated 49-48, that's kind of a big deal. Daily Pundit, mostly known as a righty, stated the following:

Okay, real conservatives, Republicans, and libertarians, stay home. Just...stay home in 2006. Or - what the hell - vote for a Democrat. We have to wake up the Stupid Party, before it completely merges itself into the Republicrat Statist Party.

This is big on several levels. First of all, it's yet another voice typically supportive calling explicitly for a stay home or protest votes, but, more importantly, he has thrown in the label "Republicrat Statist Party." I move the new name to be so adopted.

UPDATE: Seems this is pretty much how everyone feels. 22% approval for Congress. That's pretty damning, even though Congress is never and has never been all that popular.