Thursday, April 13, 2006

Webb's Web

I've been talking about George Allen's presumptive Senatorial opponent in 2006, Jim Webb, a lot. Webb, for those that don't remember me mentioning this, is the former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, a Republican defector, and an extremely decorated Veteran of multiple wars. I've posted on how his campaign has started to gel very effectively very quickly, and it's only getting better. Many think dethroning Allen in 2006 might be an impossible task, but I think Webb has found Allen's Achilles Heel: Allen's presumptive run for President. While Allen has been out touring in Iowa, New Hampshire, and such places Webb has basically taken to bashing him for ignoring Virginia. This may be an effective campaign, and already the talking points about how Allen is REALLY running for only a two-year term in the Senate and how Virginia isn't his priority have started to float around. Well, enter this effective little bit of agitprop. This shows that Webb's allies are pretty web savvy, and have a sense of humor that is likely to prove very effective for connecting and communicating. Webb's campaign so far has had very powerful grassroots support emerge from nowhere, and combining that with web savvy could prove a lethal combination. I think this race is going to be really close, and is likely to distract Allen from running for President big-time.