Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday Revolver

Matt Yglesias thinks the Democrats' "Real Security" ideal contrasts Bush's current foreign policy . . . in flaws.

Just One Minute thinks solving the revenue problem may have to involve beefing up the IRS, as bad as it sounds it may be the most politically-palatable option.

The Debate Link thinks Fareed Zakaria is right on immigration, and that what Republicans are really trying to do is Un-American, or, worse, downright "European."

Protein Wisdom seizes on what will probably be the next wave of obesity litigation, and it is scary what they are going to try.

Dr. Sanity stalks the latest leads about Sandy Berger's criminal activities.

Shakespeare's Sister digs up another perverted DHS employee, who was strangely a sex predator while being in charge of catching sex predators. Think about that!