Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Great New Term

It's buried at the end of a great rant by Mark Steyn, but it pretty much describes our current predicament by invoking a single word to describe out country: Incumbistan.

I said the other day that McCain and Specter and Sarbanes and Lott and the rest were presidents-for-life of the one-party state of Incumbistan. Between all the comprehensive immigration reform and corporate governance reform and campaign-finance reform and campaign-finance-reform reform and all the other changes, McCain and Co. sail on, eternally unchanging, decade after decade. There are no plans for Senate governance reform or Trent Lott finance reform. Incumbistan is a government that has a nation.

I think the word Incumbistan is a powerful one, and captures the entire governing philosophy of the Republicrat Statist Party. As a matter of fact, let's combine them and call them the Republicrat Statist Party of Incumbistan! I think that phrase alone pretty much sums up what's wrong with the ruling party in this country in one swoop.