Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Biden My Time

Senator Biden wrote an Op-Ed in the NY Times regarding strategy in Iraq. Although it isn't shocking or very original, it is pretty smart. It calls for a decentralized federal system, but one that grants the Sunni area, which lacks oil resources, a fair share (based on population) of the country's revenue. The proposal also calls for major American troop withdrawal by 2008.

A decentralized system will probably work best so long as the Sunnis aren't excluded from Iraqi revenue. Basically this means a decentralized system for policy and laws, but centralized taxation and budget distribution. Since Iraqis are now in charge of their their government and changing the constitution, we can only hope they read Biden's Op-Ed.

As for the planned withdrawal, I had been opposed to this for a long time. I thought it would cause the insurgents to wait until we left before making a violent attempt at power. But I think now that the insurgency is getting worse all the time, it might be our best option. An annoucement of a distant withdrawal might take the wind out of the sails of the Sunni groups that are only anti-American and rally everyone against the Al Qaeda groups that are anti-American and anti-Iraqi.